Share with you my performance list at 2005. Enjoy the pics if you cannot see the chinese.


2005 seems a very long year for me. I did lot of different art-works and joined many art activities. Also I stared to drawing.

At the beginning of 2005, PoonKool Alone is a very important performance of me, that's the deep version of Poon Kool Series, the Form also less "theatre" and more close to my live.

Then work with Seeman, dark side of the moon is a good memory for me.

In the RE:Wanchai Workshop, I make friends with many local and overseas artists. Also I try drawing.

the Body Brush Show is a commerical x art trying.

many people like my work Beat about 4th June.

Play is the only dance theatre I create in 2005, and I'm glad to work with Sing.

That's very wonderful trip to Chengdu, make good friends, very happy and know more about performance art in China.

Amazing Grace is the most important work of me, very deep.

the new work with Clash Theare let me have new vision of Improvisation Theatre.

Economic(via)Body is my social concern series more than personal issue.



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