Asiatopia 10/2008 - 機場關閉去不了!

Bangkok celebrates 10th anniversary of the world known Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival.

5th floor at Bangkok Art Culture centre
31 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2008
every Friday - Sunday

In 1998, when Asiatopia performance Art Festival started in a very small Saranrom Park, opposite Wat Poh, no one has ever thought of the festival will grow and run strong until today – a 10 year old international art festival in Thailand.

This year, November 2008, the newly open Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and the Concrete House are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, with a month long marathon performances of over 100 world famous artists from around the globe. This grand event is also to celebrate the opening of the first contemporary art museum of Bangkok.


Fri 28 November 2008, 6 PM - 9 PM
1. Julien Blaine France
2. Demosthenes Agrafiotis Greece
3. Matthias Jackish Germany
4. Lilianne Zumkemi Switzerland
5. Lushan Liu China
6. Andree WeschlerSingapore
7. Shu Yang China
8. Padungsak Kotchasumrong Thailand
9. Agnes Yit Singapore

Sat 29 November 2008, 2 PM - 9 PM
2 PM: Lecture By Dr. Apinan Poshyananda“
SE. Asia in the Global Stands”
1. Arti Grabowski Poland
2. Valentin Torrens Spain
3. Jan Switzinski Poland
4. Zai Kunning Singapore
5. Barbara Sturm shop Switzerland
6. Tony Schwensen o/d Australia
7. Yuenjie Maru Hong Kong
8. Randy Gledhill Shop Canada
9. Alexander Del Re Chile
10. Gwendoline Robin Belgium

Sun 30 November 2008, 2 PM - 9 PM
1. Artur Tajber Poland
2. Bartolomy Ferrando Spain
3. Vasan Sitthiket Thailand
4. Jittima Pholsawake Thailand
5. Jeremy Hiah Singapore
6. Cai Qing o/d China
7. Yoyoyogasmana Indonesia
8. Racquel De Loyola Philippines
9. Mideo Cruz video Philippines
10. Cheng Guang Feng China



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