Venue: Sculpture Square
155 Middle Road. Singapore 188977
Admission: Free

Programming of Future of Imagination 5
12th, 13th and 14th November - Live performances presentation
15th November - Forum Discussion

Day 1
12th November, 7.00pm onwards
Live Performance (Durational)
Lynn Lu (Singapore), Lemonade stand, Outdoor
Live performances
Lee Wen (Singapore), StaggerLee, Indoor
Yuenjie Maru (Hong Kong), So Close So Far Indoor
This work is in memory of my past love. What is “far” and what is “close” in a relationship? What is the distance between two places, such as Hong Kong and China, as well as Singapore or other cities? How far and how close of our body, as well as space and mind? As strangers, will we put off our masks? I try to get closer!
Mongkol Plienbangchang (Thailand), Balanceunbalance, Indoor
Cai Qing (Germany/China), Transformation, Outdoor (Lower gallery courtyard)
Sabrina Koh (Singapore), The Questioning Room #02, Indoor
Melati Suryodarmo (Germany/Indonesia), Eulogy, Indoor

Day 2
13th November, 2pm to 4pm
Drawing workshop with Zai Kuning, Closed door workshop, registry required.
7.00pm onwards
Live performances (Durational)
Adina Bar-On (Israel), 40 x 40, Outdoor
Live performances
Myriam Laplante (Canada), Once Upon a Time, Indoor
Angie Seah (Singapore), Black out, Indoor
Dariusz Fodczuk (Poland), The Tiny Therapeutic Theatre, Indoor
Ronaldo Ruiz (The Philippines), Camouflage, Outdoor
Chia Chu Yia (Singapore), GoldRush, Indoor
Gwendoline Robin (Belgium), Where is the future? Outdoor

Day 3
14th November, 7.00pm onwards
Durational performance (Durational)
Helmut Lemke (Germany/UK), Untitled, Outdoor
Live performances
Cheng Guang Feng (China), Water Resonance, Indoor
Kai Lam (Singapore), JBJ, Indoor
Duan Ying Mei (Germany/China), Yingmei,, Indoor
Fabien Montmartin (France), Unknown Ways, Indoor
Jason Lim (Singapore), Last Drop (stack), Indoor

Day 4
15th November, 11.00am onwards
Screening of performances presented in the last 3 days
Forum/Discussion, 2.30pm onwards
Public Forum/ Discussion on issues arises from Future of Imagination 5.
Invited respondents
Lin Qinyi ( Curator, NUS Museum)
Wang Zeneng (Art researcher)
Jeremy Chu (Artist)
Susie Lingam (Artist, NAFA lecturer)
Bruce Quek (Artist)
Adele Tan (Moderator, PhD researcher on performance art in China)



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