Pangalay Workshop

Pangalay Workshop

Workshop Description
Pangalay* is a traditional Tausug dance in Jolo, Mindanao. From the root word alay which means offering, this explores movements that mimics the waves of the sea and is a dance that emphasizes the agility of the upper body.

* Pangalay also means “temple of dance” in Sanskrit. Pangalay antedates Christianity and Islam in the Philippines. Among Philippine indigenous dances, the pangalay dance style has the richest movement vocabulary. It is the closest to a classical form.

Pangalay is a living link to the traditional dance cultures of Asia with closest affinity to the Indian, Javanese, Thai, Burmese and Cambodian styles of classical dancing.
A living artifact such as the pangalay must be danced constantly, or else it dies. The beauty of the pangalay dance style is that it can be danced to any type of music—Asian as well as Western. The pangalay can be danced by anyone and everyone in the community, regardless of age or status. It can be danced in any space—be it on a boat, on a house-porch or on the beach.
Pangalay is basically pure dancing. A sense of anti-linear time pervades the slow, refined, meditative, elegant and almost hypnotic movements. The continuously flowing or seamless unfolding movement from a central core is consistent with the pre-modern mode and Eastern sense of multi-level or anti-linear time that has no definite beginning or ending. This is opposed to the Western concept of time or the metempsychosic scale.
“motion in stillness, stillness in motion"
(pangalaydance.com / alun-alun pangalay dance circle)

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to recognize Pangalay as a form of dance and its importance as a form; mount a short-piece based on Pangalay movements; and learn the dance in a tension-free atmosphere.

date: 14,15 Jan, 08 (mon , tue)
time : 7:00pm-10pm,
total : 6 hours.
place : y-space
3/F, Flat B, Wah Fung IND. Centre, Block 1, 33-39 Kwai Fung Crescen, Kwai Chung, H.K.
fees: $400 (6 hrs / 2 lessons)
$250 ( 3 hrs / 1 lesson)
Kindly note that it will be difficult to follow if you miss the first session. So please come either to both of the sessions or just the first.

If you are interested, please contact :
Centre For Community Cultural Development 2891 8482
Eric Ng 9747 8878 、Elisa Yu 9731 3262

Make cheque payable to " Centre for Community Cultural Development Ltd" and collect at the first session of the course.



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